Pool A Rates

Reservation Rates

Day (8AM to 5PM)Night (8PM to 5AM)
20 people60006500 (Php 150 per head in excess of 20 people)
25 people6000 (Php 150 per head in excess of 25 people)Inquire
40 peopleInquireInquire
50 peopleInquireInquire

Prices are subject to change without prior notice

Exclusive Amenities:

  1. Function area with tables and chairs
  2. COMPLIMENTARY unlimited use of KTV (bring corded mic)
  3. Four (4) showers and two (2) toilets
  4. Outdoor grill (bring charcoal)
  5. Charcoal stove (bring charcoal)

Shared Amenities:

  1. Basketball (bring your basketball)
  2. Playground
  3. Wi-Fi access (when available)
  4. Gated parking


  1. Php 150 per head
  2. AC room A Php 1,500
  3. AC room B Php 3,000
  4. Gas stove rental (Php 200 for gas)


  1. Extensions are allowed but SUBJECT TO AVAILABILITY.
  2. We accept 24 hours reservation or longer. Please contact us for quotation.
  3. Feel free to bring your own food and drinks, no corkage fee.

Swimming Reminders

  1. We encourage you to wear proper swimming attire. That helps us keep our pool maintenance cost low, so we can keep our prices low
  2. Have fun but proper conduct and behavior inside the private resort should always be observed
  3. We have lifeguards and pool managers during your stay but we still advise you to watch over your companions

How to Make a Reservation?

  1. Contact us to check availability.
  2. Once availability is confirmed, a Php 2,000.00 deposit is requested to confirm the reservation (no deposit, no reservation)
  3. You can pay the deposit via bank deposit (BDO) or if you have time, we encourage you to do it in person during your ocular visit.
  4. The deposit paid will be deducted from your final bill and the remaining balance should be paid upon arrival.