Pool Party Safety Tips

If children will be attending your party, it’s essential to have adults supervising the pool festivities at all times. Consider contacting your local parks and recreation department to hire a professional lifeguard to monitor your pool. The most important rule of thumb is to have a few adults (and ones who are not consuming alcohol) be willing to watch the swimmers at all times. Have a phone on hand at all times in case of an emergency.

Make sure your pool’s depth is clearly marked so swimmers know whether or not it will be safe to dive. You may want to implement an overall no-diving rule for your party just to prevent any injuries.

Don’t forget to keep lots of water handy. Spending hours in the sun can lead to dehydration, but your guests may not notice as they’re immersed in water. It’s not a bad idea to set a swim break once an hour for people to relax and rehydrate.

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