Construction of Pool for Rent, was started in 1981 and finished in early 1983. From 1984 to late 1990s, Pool for Rent was recognized as one of the places to go to in Metro Manila for recreation and leisure, especially during the hot summer months of March, April, and May.

The pool opened on March 1982, with admission then was 10 pesos for adults while 8 pesos for kids.

Quickly, our place would always be full of people who loves to enjoy swimming and it would go on like that for years. A success few people thought we would achieve.

We have a strong ethos of good customer service. We have always taken pride in listening to customers and acting on their comments – which is why Pool for Rent and our customers together pioneered improvements in the standard of private swimming pool holidays.

Several years later, the world saw there is an increasing number of holiday makers, year on year, who rent private pool and left behind traditional public pools for a more personal vacation experience. This led to the idea of re-modeling of the place to become a pool venue for private celebration.

On June 2011, the place hosted its first private pool event and continue serving to this day.

Today, Pool for Rent remains one of the sought-after private pool and events place in Metro Manila.

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